Cancel My Debt Review

  • Have you paid up your accounts and no longer need debt review?
  • Are you earning more money and are no longer over-indebted?
  • Do you need to get off debt review?

How does it work?



You contact us to start the process of cancelling your debt review by applying on the form below.



We contact your debt counsellor to acquire the necessary documentation to determine whether you are over-indebted or not.



Once proven that you are not over-indebted, we apply to the court for the setting aside of your debt review. The court approves and the outcome will be sent to the credit bureaus.



The debt review flag is removed from your credit profile after a minimum of three months.

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If your credit profile is flagged with debt review it is difficult to move ahead in life. You won’t be able to get credit or apply for a bond. At Cancel My Debt Review, we understand that the mistakes of the past shouldn’t hinder your future. Get rid of the negative flag of debt review on your credit profile today!

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Cancel My Debt Review is a trusted body of professionals who came together after realising that consumers often find themselves in a debt spiral. After years of undergoing debt review, and finally becoming debt-free, people often struggle with getting rid of the debt review flag on their credit profile.

Many people don’t know that your debt counsellor can’t remove the debt review flag at the credit bureaus. This means that because of the debt review flag, you are now unable to get credit and it might be difficult to move forward in your life.

At Cancel My Debt Review we will assess your financial position. With the information we can gather from your debt counsellor, we will compare your income and expenditure. So if you’re no longer over-indebted as a result of debt review, a raise, or a promotion, or if your debt review status is adversely affecting your career path or economic freedom, Cancel My Debt Review is just for you!